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Generators are more popular than ever.  Most homes have some sort of backup power be it a gasoline generator to which extension cords are plugged or a fully automatic whole house backup power system.  We sell and install Generac standby generators and are happy to service most any model.

For generators there are always two important considerations:

In general standby generators are installed in such a way as to keep users out of harm's way and to ensure proper grounding and overcurrent protection for the system itself.  Portable generators however are a different story.  It is important to remember that a generator should never backfeed a panel without the proper switching gear.  This is dangerous to you, to your generator and possibly to anyone working on the electric lines near your home.  Call us for a consult on the safest way to run your portable generator in the event of a power outage.

Maintenance is an often overlooked necessity on all generators.  What if you parked a car in one spot and never touched it for two years then tried to start it.  Would you expect it to easily start right up?  What if you didn't change the oil or perform routine mantenance?  Would you expect it to run perfectly?  All too often people don't find out that their generator is not going to start until it's too late.  Here are some thoughts on maintenance:

    Portable Gas Generators - The most tempermental part of your generator is the fuel system.  Today's fuel contains ethanol which begins to break down after just two weeks.  Generators should be kept full of stabilized fuel (we recommend Sta-bil Marine) and should be run and warmed up to operating temperature at least once a month.  Fuel should be drained and replaced if it sits for more than about 6 months.  When running your generator it is also a good idea to plug something into it to be sure it it is putting out power.  Small generators should run at a speed very close to 3600 rpm (under load), otherwise they could put out power with a different frequency than utility power and potentially damage electronic equipment (like furnaces!)  Don't forget engine oil changes and routine inspections of plugs and air filters.  Or just call us for service.

    Standby Generators - November is generator maintenance month at Denney Electric.  Service of your generator includes a careful inspection of the entire unit (with special attention to common trouble spots), an oil/filter change with synthetic oil, a check of the plugs, air cleaners and the overall system.  We also check the electrical output and adjust the governor if need be.  If you would like to be a part of our generator service program just give us a call.

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