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Livonia Small Engine

Started in spring 2013, Livonia Small Engine is part of Denney Electric and Home Repair.  We can fix small engine problems, locally and inexpensively.

The Way we Work:
If you have a machine in need of service, please fill out the webform below. You will get an e-mail (or a call if you prefer) back telling you where to bring it for repair. We work out of several locations (private residences) and need to balance the load among them. If you cannot deliver the item, indicate that on the form and we will coordinate the repair by phone, we do charge for pickup and delivery.

Small Engine work is billed at $65/hour for repairs.  If we recommend replacement over repair, a standard $35 bench fee would be charged rather than hourly labor.  Pickup and delivery is $30-$40 (round trip) depending on distance.

Dan Roeser is our head mechanic.  Dan has spent the past 25 years as a professional mechanic and brings with him a wealth of experience and know-how.  His full-time job is as a fleet mechanic at UPS where he and his co-workers are responsible for keeping every UPS truck in Rochester on the road.

Ethanol:  The enemy of the small engine

Our small engines work for us in a more hostile environment than ever before.  The addition of ethanol to gas is leading to problems that just didn't exist before to the degree to which they exist today.  Gasoline with ethanol in it begins to break down in as little as two weeks!  When the ethanol in the gasoline comes out of suspension, it attracts moisture and attacks many parts with which it comes into contact.  First things first, we recommend that all gasoline engines not run at least weekly be stored with gas stabilizer in them.  We recommend Stabil Marine.  Follow the directions and USE IT!
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